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Pork Crackling

i love a bit of crackling – (ooh er missus and all that)  and a good piece of pork on a sunday for dinner is one of the greatest meals known to man.  Plus anyone whose been to a good hog roast will know the juicy pork baps (yes yes more inuendo) can’t be beat.

And so its fitting that some of my favourite music was created by the Pork Label.  Pork were without a doubt the undisbuted heavyweights of  downtempo goodness during the 90’s, and I spent many a night (and early morning) smoking myself into a haze with my partners in crime at the time (you know who you are), as the like of Fila Brazillia, Baby Mammoth,  the Solid Doctor and others played out on the speakers.

Without a doubt though it was Fila Brazillia who were the leaders of the Pork-meisters.  Cobby & McSherry tapped into something in their music – and the result was something very few have managed to replicate.  And i still rate them as one the best best remixers of all time (alongside Fourtet)

So last night I dug out some of Pork recordings tunes for a piggy themed meander down memory lane.  And like all great music it sounded as fresh now as it did the first time i heard it

So let your ears have some down time and hit play.

Be More Into: Dj Koze

Sometimes its so good you just gotta share…….