Art of Flight

Check out this amazing trailer for some snowboarding film i stumbled across.  I’m not a snowboarder, but this looks amazing.  Some  of the scenes and shots are insane – a bit like the guys doing the boarding i Guess.

Day & Night

I’ve posted some of T-Ku’s beats before, and i’ll keep posting them as long as he keeps making them.

So here’s some more guilt free download goodness from the man himself.  Doowit!

Beastie Boys Back

So it didn’t take long did it.  Me getting lazy and not posting things.  What can I say…I’ve been busy and had better things to do with my time than write a blog no one reads anyway.  But sometimes circumstances mean even my laziness needs kicking to the kerb in disgust.
And the launch of the Beastie Boys new album, Hot Sauce Committte Pt2, is just such a reason for this metaphorical kicking.

Whilst I like the Beasties I’ve never been a die hard fan.  I could take or leave a lot of their stuff.  But this album is something different.  The production of the beats is quality, and compliments the distinctive sound and flow of the B-Boys.  For example Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament (my favourite on the album) is so dope that even Cheech & Chong would have trouble smoking it!  Heavy deep stuff and one to turn up loud.

And the whole thing is being streamed by the guys themselves.  So do your ears a favour and click play

Be More Into: Dj Koze

Sometimes its so good you just gotta share…….


Bah.  The end of winter is clinging on for all its worth.  Its grey.  Its wet.  Its dull.

So cheer yourselves up with some nice musical freeness.  Soulection (as you might guess from the name) is selection of future soul and lazy wonk.

All wrapped up in a nice free download. Its the musical equivalent of finding a tenner on the street.  So don’t stroll past this – bend down quickly, pick it up sharpish and continue on your way, happy in the knowledge you just got something for nothing.

Check the player below for the taster mix or just take my word for it and click the download link (you really should start to trust me by now).  With  contributions from peeps such as Dibiase, B.Lewis, GETEYE, and Take (amongst others) it contains some of the finest names around.  These are the guys that have restored my faith in music so have a listen and find out why.

Download Here:  Soulection

Dead Island

You’d think because I make games all day, and then head home and play games all night, I might find something else to entertain me during my hasty lunch break at my desk, eating a soggy blandwich from a Boots lunch mealdeal.

Don’t be ridiculous!

I’m a game geek, so anything game related will always jump to the front of the queue in the shop that is my conscious mind (you’re best not knowing what’s in the front of the queue in my subconscious mind).

As such it was with a hasty click that i followed a link to the following trailer for a game called Dead Island.  This trailer has been causing a storm amongst the geeks and the pasty faced  of the games world this week – and with good reason.

It is one of the most amazing and emotive trailers you’ll likely see.  And worth 3 minutes of your time as you chow down on that chicken salad sandwich at your desk at lunchtime.

Who says games arn’t an artform?

Lusine – A Certain Distance

One of the reason is do this blog is because when i find amazing new music i want everyone else to experience it too.

And after listening to Hextstatics recent Solid Steel mix  (see my previous entry), i was blown away by the Lusine track, TwoDots,  that they included.  So i tracked down the album to see if the rest was just a fine.

Oh my god  – why haven’t i heard of these before.  Trust me – this album is brilliant.  Buy it borrow it or ‘find’ it – but make sure you get it.

Here’s a little taster of what to expect