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Time waits for no man

Its saturday night.  I’m home alone.  I’m getting drunk.  So business as usual (well, apart from the home alone bit since bex is usually with me, but lets not get pedantic).

And being bored i decided to look up my old blog to see if if its still clogging up the dataverse – and low and behold, here it is, like a dusty old 45 hidden at the back of your record collection waiting to be found and played again, to bring back memories of times long forgotten…..

Or something.

So 5 years have past since my last post.  Decided I might start posting shit again.  and by shit i mean nonsense. and by nonsense i of course mean interesting things that i have found or thought about or just wanted to share via a medium not called facebook.  And probably only i find interesting

But since i’ll be the only one reading this  blog that sounds awesome!

or something…….

Lets do this thing.  See you on the other side