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Art of Flight

Check out this amazing trailer for some snowboarding film i stumbled across.  I’m not a snowboarder, but this looks amazing.  Some  of the scenes and shots are insane – a bit like the guys doing the boarding i Guess.

Sebastian’s Voodoo

Check out this quality animation i found whilst killing time on Vimeo (killing ….voodoo…gedddit…. bah i’m wasted on you fools).

The modelling and texturing work here is incredible.

A truly wonderful piece of animation, and well worth 5 mins of your life to view.

Between Bears

Those of you who visit the site Vimeo are likely to already have seen this quality animiation but for those that haven’t, you really should start using  the internetz for more than just downloading porn.

I’m not totally sure what the narrative is trying to say (something about the circle of life and rebirth maybe) but then i’ve never been very good at all the metaphysical thought processes.  I’m more of a pint and a packet of crisps kinda guy.

That said – its truly brilliant.  and yet more evidence of the amazing talent around if you just look a bit further than the latest episode of Britain’s got Talent.


His Face All Red…

Sometimes i am blown away by people’s creativity…..

And this short comic strip type goodness I stumbled across is just such an occasion.  the mood, the feel, the artwork, the story…  Its all good.

Take 5 and check it out

His Face All Red

These aren’t the Driods you’re looking for.

Lego plus star wars = Win!

I loved it as a kid.  I love it as an adult.  And i’ll continue to love it whilst they keep creating cool little spin offs like this amazing little movie.

Animation at its finest.

End of Line……

If your a child of the 70’s and early 80’s, and more specifically a male of the species, then you will surely hold the film Tron deep within your heart (and if not then i’d like to stereotype a bit further and class you as weird).

I loved that film – i mean come on – it was the story of about a guy who got sucked into the computer and lived in the computer world, destroying bad progams and blowing shit up.  Ooh and it had that cool neon glow around everything.  Whats not to like.

So to say i am excited about the sequel, Tron Legacy (due out at xmas), is like saying saying a Sumo wrestler is a bit chubby.  It doesn’t even come close to how much i am looking forward to it.

And each sneek peak is proving this could be another ace film – lets hope they don’t screw it up.

So the new daft punk (who are doing the OST) video-come-trailer which hit the interwebs recently is well worth a look, with lots of cool new footage from the film.

Bring it on….

End of Line…..

Interactive animation niceness

With so much inane nonsense floating round the internet (this blog included) its nice to come across things that are truly brilliant.

And this amazing little bit of interactive animation is just that.

Beautiful and amazing and worth 5 mins of your time.