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Its been a long time since I’ve picked up and game and been drawn in instantly.  Its been even longer since a game has casued me to sit literally all day, and then into the early hours as night turned to morning, with that thought of ‘just one more level’.  And I can’t even remember the last time i was truly, and totally, blown away by a game after playing it.

Well yesterday, all those things happened in the space of a few hours (well, quite a few actually – did you not pay attention to the comment about sitting up late into the night) .

That game was the new XBLA title Bastion. And what a game!

After a tough week of motion capturing the narrative parts of my own game in sweden, playing Bastion was the perfect recovery.  And it also highlighted just how far the bar of XBLA is being raised, something me and my fellow Bloodforge creators are striving to do also.

Many games strive to be an interactive story.  Bastion is one that achieves this, and more.  From the moment the deep emotive drawl of the narrator kicks in you know this is something different and special.  And as you stand up in the very first move of the game and the narration adds this to his story you suddenly become aware this story will be created by.

Its an amazing thing to be working through a level with our narrator feeding your actions into his tale, his wonderful voice mirroring every fight and jump and move, drawing our hero (and you) deeper into the events.

And its this unfolding story that makes you want to keep playing, even when your wife, or your partner, or even your stomach, is telling you to stop and do something else.  You need to know where you’re going to take this story next, who you’rre going to meet, and to find out what and how the strange events your involved in are going to play out.

I was yanked in from the 1st chapter and wasn’t let go until the final scene played out.

And all this is accompanied by a seriously wonderful art style, that looks very simple but is like a constantly moving and changing piece of artwork.  Wandering through the different levels, the world building in front of your eyes as you move forward, you can’t help but be drawn into the beauty of a world destroyed by the Calamity.

Oh and the combat system and roleplaying elements are pretty good to – so simple and intuitive that your never distracted from the all important story your making.  You can simply run around having fun without even realising you are – only after you’ve stopped and assessed the last 7 hours do you discover just how much you’ve been enjoying hacking and slashing and shooting  and destroying the vast range of adversarys who block your way.

Bastion is one of those special games that will stay with me for ever.  Its like having Alan Moore, Salvadore Dali, and Shigeru Miyamoto all rolled into one sublime piece of computer game-cum-story-cum-artwork.

And for £12 you really need to get on the download.  Because if you don’t you might as well chuck that xbox in the bin since you’ve no right to own one.

If you don’t play this it would be a mistake – no -it would be much more than that.  It would be a ‘Calamity’!

Dead Island

You’d think because I make games all day, and then head home and play games all night, I might find something else to entertain me during my hasty lunch break at my desk, eating a soggy blandwich from a Boots lunch mealdeal.

Don’t be ridiculous!

I’m a game geek, so anything game related will always jump to the front of the queue in the shop that is my conscious mind (you’re best not knowing what’s in the front of the queue in my subconscious mind).

As such it was with a hasty click that i followed a link to the following trailer for a game called Dead Island.  This trailer has been causing a storm amongst the geeks and the pasty faced  of the games world this week – and with good reason.

It is one of the most amazing and emotive trailers you’ll likely see.  And worth 3 minutes of your time as you chow down on that chicken salad sandwich at your desk at lunchtime.

Who says games arn’t an artform?

End of Line……

If your a child of the 70’s and early 80’s, and more specifically a male of the species, then you will surely hold the film Tron deep within your heart (and if not then i’d like to stereotype a bit further and class you as weird).

I loved that film – i mean come on – it was the story of about a guy who got sucked into the computer and lived in the computer world, destroying bad progams and blowing shit up.  Ooh and it had that cool neon glow around everything.  Whats not to like.

So to say i am excited about the sequel, Tron Legacy (due out at xmas), is like saying saying a Sumo wrestler is a bit chubby.  It doesn’t even come close to how much i am looking forward to it.

And each sneek peak is proving this could be another ace film – lets hope they don’t screw it up.

So the new daft punk (who are doing the OST) video-come-trailer which hit the interwebs recently is well worth a look, with lots of cool new footage from the film.

Bring it on….

End of Line…..

Mouse v Cat

Mouse v Cat

Stumbled across this wicked little bit of animation today (with a nice gaming vibe to it).  Needs more love so sharing here for everyone to enjoy.

Of course when I say everyone I mean the 2 of you who are bored enough to be actually reading this blog (1 of which is me reading back to make sure there’s no spelling mistake). Hope you both like it.

God Out Of The Machine

The original Deus Ex game (on the pc) is one of my favourite games of all time.  I rate it so much its listed in my top 5 all time games.  And i’ve played some pretty amazing games. Trust me – Its that good

It was such a great game.  Cool cyberpunk setting.  Great (if slightly convaluted) new world order conspiracy storyline.  Excellent character progression.  Nice multiple stream methods for completing missions.  Great characters.  Nice graphics (for the time).

It is seriously brilliant – and worth digging out now if you have never played it, despite it being about 10 years old.  I mean that – do yourself a favour and hunt down a copy and play it.

The follow up was not so good unfortunately, so i’ll gloss over that if you don’t mind.  But because of my love for the 1st installment i am VERY excited about the 3rd part in the ‘trilogy’ of games, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, due to be released early next year.

Another trailer for it was released recently.  Ok, its all pre-rendered FMV type stuff – not really giving much away about actual gameplay. But who cares.  It looks fucking cool – and at the moment thats good enough for me.

Check it out