Monthly Archives: April 2011

Beastie Boys Back

So it didn’t take long did it.  Me getting lazy and not posting things.  What can I say…I’ve been busy and had better things to do with my time than write a blog no one reads anyway.  But sometimes circumstances mean even my laziness needs kicking to the kerb in disgust.
And the launch of the Beastie Boys new album, Hot Sauce Committte Pt2, is just such a reason for this metaphorical kicking.

Whilst I like the Beasties I’ve never been a die hard fan.  I could take or leave a lot of their stuff.  But this album is something different.  The production of the beats is quality, and compliments the distinctive sound and flow of the B-Boys.  For example Multilateral Nuclear Disarmament (my favourite on the album) is so dope that even Cheech & Chong would have trouble smoking it!  Heavy deep stuff and one to turn up loud.

And the whole thing is being streamed by the guys themselves.  So do your ears a favour and click play